I am a consultant medical doctor with specialist training in psychiatry, the field in which I have spent most of my working years since I graduated from the Karolinska Institute 2009. I hold a degree in psychotherapy (fully licensed) based upon CBT and psychodynamic methods.

Parallel to my psychiatry and therapy work, I have undergone training in Zen Coaching, a coaching technique which adds a spiritual and growth oriented dimension to my therapeutic work.

I have a keen interest in the process of healing, both on an individual and a collective level, and great faith in my ability to facilitate healing in my clients. I am equally keen on helping people to thrive and achieve their full potential/s as human beings. “Self-actualisation” is the term the American psychologist Abraham Maslow used for this state of human fulfilment, described as:

“A person’s need to be and do that for which the person has a vocation. It is his ‘calling’, a full expression of his or her creative potential. It is to be autonomous and fully-functioning.”

As a therapist I offer cutting-edge therapy that is customised to you as a person and your specific requests. I provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment that can hold whatever problems, wounds or difficulties you might have.

– Annika Hansson, MD


Unless English is requested the therapy will be given in Swedish, my native language.



The floating clinic

The clinic is hosted on a 1930’s Swedish converted trawler in the beautiful location of Luxparken Marina, with stunning 360 degree views of central Stockholm.

The unusual setting has proven surprisingly therapeutic, an effect my clients often attribute the gentle rocking of the vessel, and they are on to something. There is a growing body of research on “blue space” – the sea, rivers and lakes, and the positive impact they have on our mental and physical health. Particularly in terms of stress reduction and perceived wellbeing. 

 What better place to begin a voyage of healing.